Friday, 27 March 2015

Chalakudy centered tourism package under Consideration  

 According to Kerala Minister A. P Anilkumar, government is seriously considering a tourism package centred in Chalakudy. The studies regarding the possibility of the package is already announced. The major places going to include are  Oxbow lake at Vynthala, Aranghali River side, Pilgrim Centre Sampaloor Church, Chathenchal, Kauthukapark, etc .


 Chalakudy-  the paradise of Kerala, is all set for a tourism boost. Chalakudy is the town face of Athirapally & Vazhachal tourism. Chalakudy is the entrance of Athirapally. All picnic spots are on the way of 28 kms from Chalakudy to Athirapally. Kauthukapark, Thumboormuzhy dam & Riverside garden, ec 


D cinemas is another big hand to Chjalakudy tourism .  Vynthala Lake is a natural oxbow lake found in Vynthala, Chalakudy  and was formed from a "cutoff" of the Chalakudy River which flows near to the lake. It is the the only one naturally formed Oxbow lake in whole of South india  


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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Are you looking for a tourist destination that you can enjoy all year long  in Kerala ?  

There are many destinations but the most important one is Athirapally Tourism. It is a year long tourist destination. Irrespective of the season.Athirapally- Vazhachal tourism attracts manytourists.
It is quite attractive in the monsoon season with plenty of water falling heavily down the rocks, catching many eye sights. Though its the perfect time of the year to watch a waterfall with its full beauty, the other factors should be taken into consideration too. One being the safety of the tourists as in case of playing with water or taking bath since the rocks are slippery and also due to the heavy water flow. 
         On the other hand,in thesummer season waterflow will be comparitively less where one can completely enjoy in activities such as  riverbath,watersports etc. Hence summer season has its advantages too. Tripenticer Athirapilly Holidays is the soul tour operating company which conducts daily trips from chalakudy to Athirapilly.They conduct private driver guided tours. For more information& travel consulting, Contact:- +91 9142311171,   09961466495.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

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Kerala Holidays

A Holiday/Leisure CoChalakudy, Kerala-680722.(21 Kms from Cochin Airport)

Monday, 7 July 2014


Chalakudy  the paradise of Kerala, is a municipality as well as a taluk in Thrissur district of Kerala state, India. Chalakudy  town is the capital. Chalakudy is an Assembley constituency  as well as  parliamentary constituency too.Chalakudy is  rightly situated on the  sides of Nh47  and at the banks of Chalakudy river. Chalakudy is the  gateway of Athirapally tourism as well as the base camp for all those native and foreign tourists who are proceeding to Athirapally and Vazhachal tourism, Malkkappara and Valparai Tourism on western ghats. Chalakuddy river is regarded as one of the highest fish diversities of the Kerala state
Chalakudy has Historical Importance too.Chalakudy was the base of operations of Tipu Sulthan , the ruler of Mysore, during his warriors attack on the Travancore lines. It went under  the Kingdom of Kochi and then by English
The places of attraction in Chalakudy are Divine Retreat Centre, Potta, Vazhachal Falls, Athirappilly Water Falls, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary,Sholayar Dam, Kannanpuzha Temple, Holly Land Replica in st marys Church, West Chalakudy and Pisharikkal Bhagavathtei Temple. Chalakudy is blessed with refreshing weather and scenic beauty. Chalakudy offers The best connectivity to Guests. It is well is well connected by Railways and National Highway- NH47  In fact it is an upcoming tourist destination

Weather and Best Time to Visit
Chalakudy can be visited at any time throughout the year. Athirapally is always busy with native and foreign tourists. It is normally advised not to venture for trekking and go deep into waterfalls region during the rainy season. There are chance of flash floods and slight landslides in this region.These waterfalls can be best visited after the rainy season when there is a good flow of rainy water in these streams of the main river and its tributary.The summer season is best time to visit the major and minor tourist destinations in and around Chalakudy. It is to be highly noted that during the summer, the waterfalls in this region have a dry look.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Chalakudy-  The Paradise of Kerala 

Chalakudy is a municipality as well as a taluk in Thrissur dstrict of Kerala It is a parliamentary constituency too. Chalakudy consists of Chalakudy muncipality  and 7 Panchayats. .Chalakudy town is situated near to NH47. It has private Busstand for local bus services while KSRTC Bus stand for distant travel. Private interstate buses also stops here. Luxury interstate buses of Kallada, KPN, Sharma, etc have stop here. buses to all destinations are available fro Chalakudy town

Chalakudy Railway station ( Station code CKI ) is just 2 Kms from the town. frequent bus service is there in the Mala route. Auto & Taxi are also available. Cochin International Airport COK is 21 Kms from chalakudy town Know more -